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Whether you need to increase donations, broaden your donor base or want to inspire action among your supporters, Douglas Shaw & Associates understands what inspires generosity. We bring the truth of your good work to life, using the right channels and creative to tell your story.

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Constituent Relationship Management (CRM)
Four Things to Consider When Choosing Your Next CRM Platform
Selecting a new Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform is a critically important task and one that can have various levels of complexity. There is a large amount of information to be learned and implemented, and considerations should be given to how the platform impacts the growth of your organization.
Welcome Riverside Healthcare!
We are delighted to announce our partnership with Riverside Healthcare, a fully integrated healthcare system in Illinois.
Welcome Shepherd Center!
We’re privileged to announce our partnership with Shepherd Center, ranked among the nation’s top ten rehabilitation hospitals for spinal cord and brain injury.
Three Ways to Improve Your Fundraising Letters
There are countless different tips, tricks, and tactics you can use when writing your appeal letters, emails, landing pages, and any other direct response communications. I want to give you three secrets that I’ve used over the years to write effective direct mail and digital copy.
Finish your Year-End Fundraising Strong!
Finish This Fundraising Year STRONG!
How to prepare for year-end NOW, so you can make 2018 your best fundraising year-end ever!
Why this strategy works
WARNING: This Is Your Last Issue
In the busyness and constant activity of life, it’s all too easy for matters that are truly important to slip by the wayside. With this in mind, when you contemplate how best to reconnect with donors who haven’t given to your organization in a while—consider serving them with a friendly reminder.
Multi-Channel Strategies and Why They Matter
It’s Like Velcro . . .Multi-Channel Strategies and Why They Matter
Fundraising (and marketing in general) boils down to communicating a compelling need in simple terms with a clear call to action. And while not every communication channel is equally effective, the same ingredients are critical. See how to make your fall fundraising work across all channels
Going Beyond Digital Engagement
Going Beyond Digital Engagement
An excellent pool of passionate supporters who don’t sign up for email communications, don’t sign advocacy pledges, and aren’t becoming financial donors is a fundraising dead-end. That’s why Amy Sewell, our Director of Digital Solutions, goes to work BEYOND engagement and gets to the heart of conversion.
Ask Wiley: Is Direct Mail Dead?
Is Direct Mail Dead?
With much excitement, we announce a new Donor Focus column that answers queries from fundraisers like you by Wiley Stinnett, our veteran SVP, Executive Creative Director. The first question up: “Is Direct Mail Dead?”
Maximize Your Multi-Channel Fundraising
Maximize Your Multi-Channel Fundraising
It’s not just the weather that’s hot: fundraisers like you and me are in the midst of sweating the details of finalizing our fall fundraising plans. That’s why there’s no better time to look at insights to make your holiday season efforts more joyful and successful!

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