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Whether you need to increase donations, broaden your donor base or want to inspire action among your supporters, Douglas Shaw & Associates understands what inspires generosity. We bring the truth of your good work to life, using the right channels and creative to tell your story.

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Congratulations to Pastor Colin Smith and Unlocking the Bible
Unlocking the Bible with Pastor Colin Smith is quickly becoming one of the foremost Christian radio programs in the broadcast marketplace. Recently Moody Radio announced Pastor Smith as this year’s recipient of the distinguished 2019 Robert Neff Award.
How to Raise the Bar on Your Multi-Channel Fundraising
Do you ever wonder if direct mail is as effective as it once was? Do you find it a challenge to keep up with the changes in digital fundraising and social media? In a recent webinar, we provided an argument as to why, as fundraisers, we shouldn’t be thinking so narrowly.
Ask This Question To Improve Your Fundraising Results
Are you taking your first steps toward establishing your 2019 fundraising goals? Your success can likely be found in your data and more importantly, what it might be telling you. It’s easy to get tangled in the weeds when analyzing your data, so we suggest that you start with a high-level look at your results, then ask yourself, “why?”
Raise The Bar On Your Multi-Channel Fundraising
Is print communication on its way out? Are you chasing what’s new in digital and social media, but can’t catch up? Do you feel pressure to build multi-channel fundraising strategies with limited resources? Invest 60 minutes and you will leave with practical tips you can implement now to improve effectiveness, inspire supporters, and boost results.
Coming Soon to an Event Near You!
Douglas Shaw & Associates has a long history of participating at industry conferences and events across the country. Our goal is to support others who are making a difference in the world, and be readily available to provide inspired fundraising counsel to your organization.
Three Monthly Donor Pitfalls . . . and How to Avoid Them
It can feel like a Holy Grail of sorts, but it’s no legend. A successful monthly donor program is within the grasp of any nonprofit, as long as it is set up properly to avoid several common pitfalls.
How do I respond to a donor who says we mail them too much?
None of us enjoy receiving a negative call from a donor. But there are steps you can take that can prevent you from losing much-needed income.
Navigating Facebook and Fundraising
Social network management requires a large amount of content and changes pop up unexpectedly that require a constant adjustment of strategy and tactics. This takes a significant investment of time and staff. But can you really walk away from Facebook?
The Latest in Donor Focus
As fundraisers, we celebrate the generosity of those who have continued to stand with us, and the new supporters who’ve just trusted us with a first-time gift. In this issue of Donor Focus you’ll find more helpful ways to care for those who stand with you in supporting your mission.
Welcome Rise Against Hunger!
We’re delighted to announce our partnership with Rise Against Hunger, an international hunger relief organization that distributes food and life-giving aid to the world’s most vulnerable. Serving people in 74 countries, Rise Against Hunger is headquartered in Raleigh, NC.

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