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Whether you need to increase donations, broaden your donor base or want to inspire action among your supporters, Douglas Shaw & Associates understands what inspires generosity. We bring the truth of your good work to life, using the right channels and creative to tell your story.

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Welcome LSS Northern California!
Douglas Shaw and Associates is thrilled to announce a new partnership with Lutheran Social Services of Northern California!
Upcoming Webinar—Getting Great Results from Your Creative
How to Get Great Results from Your Creative!
learn practical lessons on how to use the unique style of fundraising writing and design to increase response and raise more money for your cause
Welcome Open Door Rescue Mission!
We count it a privilege to come alongside Candace Gregory and her team at Open Door Mission in Omaha in drawing new supporters who will help rebuild many lives through their partnership of giving.
Welcome Charlotte Rescue Mission!
Douglas Shaw and Associates is pleased to serve this incredible organization with comprehensive direct response services and consulting.
Why do your donors support you?
Why do your donors support you?
When you’re constructing a reason for your donors to give to your organization, it often comes down to a simple question: “Why does your organization need the money?” The answer to this question will be discovered when you identify what you and your donors are both passionate about making happen.
The 5 “P”s to Newsletter Performance
The 5 “P”s to Newsletter Performance
Direct response strategies are often structured around moments in time: holidays, emergencies, infrastructure needs, or when you pay your bills. As soon as our donors break the seal on that carrier envelope, it’s just a matter of time until the appeal is out of mind. But your newsletter shouldn’t be that way.
Don’t Guess—Find Out What Works
Don’t Guess—Find Out What Works
Whether you are looking to improve results on your direct response program or turn a downward spiral around, effective and affordable testing is your organization’s best friend. It can improve how you tell your stories and connect with donors—and can grow fundraising results exponentially.
The Power of Your Organizational Story
The Power of Your Organizational Story
Your own organizational story is one of the most important things about you: it defines and refines you, and it’s as up-close-and-personal as it gets.
Get Creative with Your Fundraising
Inside this Issue: Get Creative with Your Fundraising
It’s June already! Good grief! The year’s almost half over!!! For fundraisers you know what this means? It’s time to get ready for your all-important Fall Campaign. I’m sure you know that many, if not most nonprofit organizations receive 50-60% of their annual income during Q4.
Stop and look around once in a while
Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it. My recent visit with a Rescue Mission reminded me of the importance of following through on Ferris’s words.

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Through a coordinated multichannel campaign and a consistent message, we can move donors from interest to action using a wide range of media.


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