Single-Day Campaign

When a time-sensitive, emergency need arose for one of our clients – Douglas Shaw & Associates created a single-day digital campaign to immediately start raising funds.

Digital Donor Acquisition Results

During the Fall of 2016, Douglas Shaw & Associates ran digital donor acquisition campaigns for our rescue mission clients that included messaging across all organization digital channels as well as targeted advertising.

Five Years of Growth

Over the course of 5 years, Douglas Shaw & Associates helped Toronto-based rescue mission, The Scott Mission, surpass their goals for new donors and increased revenue.

Donor Acquisition

Douglas Shaw & Associates helped Far East Broadcasting Company create a test to promote its Give-a-Radio offer – $30 donations to send a radio to under-serviced areas and share the Gospel — via sponsorship on Christian talk radio stations.

Rapid Response

With a critical deadline looming, Douglas Shaw & Associates created an updated, high-performance website for The Scott Mission that added new technology, new donation processor, attractive design…

Emergency Relief

Douglas Shaw & Associates created a print and digital campaign for SIM International to bring much-needed building and medical support in rural areas of Nepal recently devastated by earthquakes.

Increasing Donations

Star of Hope asked Douglas Shaw & Associates to help them create a program that bridged the summer months, notorious for low donations and increased need.

Inspiring Action

Seven days of prayer and engagement – mobilized by the power of digital and social media – to raise awareness about the Ebola crisis in Africa.

Improving Donor Communication

Douglas Shaw & Associates designed a system of more personalized and responsive messaging to keep donors engaged and involved.

Inspiring Action

To inspire CareNet supporters to join in 40 Days of Prayer to help end abortion, Douglas Shaw & Associates designed and implemented an email, digital and social strategy to keep their audience engaged and focused.