Get Lapsed Donors Back

It’s A Good Time To Get Your Donors Back

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If it’s been a while since Sally A. Sample sent you a financial gift, don’t assume she’s forgotten about you altogether.

Sally is what you call a lapsed donor, and the potentially quieter summer months ahead of us might be a good time to start figuring out how to get those lapsed donors back. Generally speaking, lapsed donors haven’t made a financial gift of any kind in more than 12 months.

quality development program

Rule #7: The Only Thing That Matters Is, “Does It Work?”

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Building a quality development program can take several years to complete. I’ve found that it doesn’t come overnight and there are few shortcuts, if any. Mostly it’s learning the tricks of the trade, using the right tools, and serving in the apprenticeship of time. It also requires having the ability to see the potential of something that perhaps others can’t see.